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We believe in education and connections

Staying up to date with the latest trends and destinations is critical in the travel industry, but we get so caught up with deadlines and urgencies that we tend to forget about it.

Continuous learning should be on every travel agent’s agenda, but let’s face it, finding the time for it can be challenging. However, people rely on travel agents precisely for their expert knowledge and guidance, so it’s crucial for a travel professional to master all the ins and outs of a destination and be able to advise on the best possible options.

Because time is always tight, online courses have become very popular in recent times, and their quality greatly depends on the results they produce. In the travel sector, a good result would be knowing a destination inside out and being able to plan a trip there, but also creating connections with locals who can help design memorable journeys and enhance the value received and perceived.

Our courses

Expertise from the source

Travel Academy Live works with DMOs and local partners to create comprehensive and engaging courses aimed at educating travel agents about new and classic destinations.

Both DMOs and locals are the real gateway to a destination and all professionals enrolling in the Academy will have the opportunity to engage with them and develop important connections that will ultimately win them more sales.

Education mixes with business, effortlessly: that's Travel Academy Live in a nutshell.

Our Partners

Teaming up with travel advisors

Travel Academy Live teams up with travel advisors willing to expand their knowledge and enhance their ability to manage demanding travellers.

The Academy has created a platform to help travel advisors and local experts connect, share knowledge and transfer their expertise to the clients efficiently and effectively.

Overtourism and sustainable travel: information is key

While tourism is essential to many economies, the severe overcrowding we often see in major tourist hotspots is overshadowing the benefits produced by the travel industry. Many countries are witnessing this problem, with overtourism protests and movements spreading across the globe.

Change is necessary and the recent events have accelerated the trend towards sustainability in travel. But it all starts with information. In order to get travellers to change their behaviours and make sustainable travel choices, DMOs, DMCs and travel agents need to provide them with better information.

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