New challenges for DMOs, DMCs and Travel Agents.

The latest innovations in technology and the adoption of new behavioural models in selecting and booking travel experiences have impacted the role of travel agents.

Travel agents are struggling with the increasing competition caused by online booking sites, but the good news is that there are still many travellers who rely on them to book their holidays. 
The travel industry has been deeply affected by the fast evolution of modern information technology. We talk about a new environment, the so-called "eTourism", where travel agents, destination management companies and marketing organizations are facing new challenges but can also find new opportunities.

New booking platforms spring up every day and people can find tons of content online, free of charge and available any time. In this scenario, travel agents must evolve their role from being mere distributors of information and processors of transactions to becoming valuable advisors for their clients.

It is essentials for travel agents to keep their knowledge fully up to date in order to maintain their competitive advantage not only over other travel agents but also over online travel agencies and online booking systems in general.  

Only by mastering the destination, can travel agents offer their clients expert and reliable guidance and help them avoid places or experiences that don’t match their needs and desires. Let's not forget that the most effective advocates of our brand are our happy clients.  

A platform that helps

Travel Academy Live teams up with travel advisors willing to expand their knowledge and enhance their ability to manage demanding travellers. 
The Academy has created a platform to help travel advisors and local experts connect. Travel Agents can benefit from the expert knowledge and support of DMOs and DMCs, while DMOs and DMCs can partner with travel agents to promote their destination efficiently and effectively.

Read. Watch. Learn. Improve.

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