Antewerp, The Culinary Excellence

Antewerp, The Culinary Excellence

Antwerp isn’t called ‘the Biscuit City’ for nothing. As early as the sixteenth century, here was where the best gingerbread could be found, with countless renowned biscuit factories opening later on. The city’s culinary offering is a good deal broader these days, from sweet to savoury and everything in between. And it’s a real treat for gourmet lovers and foodies. Has your appetite been whetted?

1. Discover Antwerp

  •  Culinary Antwerp   08:46
  •  Introducing Antwerp
  •  The Major Districts
  •  How to move around
  •  Top Gastronomy
  •  Amazing Experiences in Antwerp
  •  Antwerp: Top Events

2. Certification

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